I develop functional solutions that inspire.

I believe in the rigorous delivery and deployment of company goals and brand initiatives. I design and build all sorts of interesting things. Things that solve simple problems. Things that compel consumers. Things that automate processes. Things that propel products and services.


I don't just build + develop websites and mobile applications, I solve complex real-world technology problems. From robust data analytics tools to ai-powered mobile applications, I work to develop unique solutions that solve critical business challenges.

Website Development • Mobile Application Development • Information Architecture • User Interface Design • User Experience Design • CMS Integration • ML & AI Development • Ecommerce

Creative Services

I'm focused on driving user interaction with attractive and engaging design that enables users to complete desired actions and achieve specific business outcomes. A user interface can make or break a product or service. I understand that the right blend of an interactive experience through design, along with a natural user experience, is critical in being successful in today's competitive and connected world.

Creative Ideation • Graphic Design • Content Creation • Design Systems • Brand Standards

Machine Learning

Driven by a passion for innovation and excellence, I specialize in the art and science of transforming raw data into actionable insights, guiding clients to harness the latest strategies and tools in machine learning and artificial intelligence. My approach is tailored to uncover hidden potential within your data, leveraging advanced analytics to fuel growth, streamline processes, and create a sustainable competitive advantage.

Custom Model Development • Model Optimization and Tuning • Model Monitoring and Maintenance • Ethics, Privacy, and Compliance Consulting


I'm committed to supporting the global community mold Web3 through storytelling and awesome user focused interaction. I believe in the future of Web3. I've developed distinctive decentralized applications utilizing the Blockchain and leveraging my experiences in developing highly technical Web 2.0 projects.

Blockchain Development • NFT & Digital Asset Engineering • ERC-20 Token Implementation • ICO • Smart Contract Deployment

Strategic Services

I understand that the right strategy can have a significant impact when developing a product. I work aggressively to align business strategies to the digital space, while deploying the right blend of technology and back-end support systems to move business forward.

Project Management • Brand Strategy • Analytics • Brand Tracking • Dashboard Development • Reporting • Qualitative Research


I'm a strategic thinker, interface designer, consultant, and software developer that creates technology solutions that solve real world problems.

My passion lies in empowering organizations to realize the full potential of technology. I help businesses optimize performance, eliminate redundant processes, and streamline operations.

ASMBA has worked with Branden Nichols more than fifteen years. He is experienced, knowledgeable, and has always been patient. He understands the importance of working with a team to deliver the best product to the client. When Branden Nichols gives you a completion date, he meets it.

Cheryl Stone - VP, Armed Services Mutual Benefits Association

Branden Nichols did a wonderful job on our intricate website development project. We're ecstatic with the finished product. Branden kept us on track with timelines and helped with organizing and procuring content. His knowledge and attention to detail is noticeable in his work.

Mitsi Lindsay - President, The Carter Company Inc

Branden Nichols’ skill and expertise in software development is self evident. The finished product was the envy of our competitors and customers. Branden's technical expertise, attention to detail, and dedication to understanding all of our business systems was vital.

Davis Bell - Principle, Trammell Bell

SRM Concrete has been delighted to collaborate with Branden Nichols on many design and development projects over the years. He's a trusted professional with superior skills in both mobile and web development. Branden is a top-notch asset to our team who understands and anticipates our needs and requirements.

Lora Smith - Chief Marketing Officer, SRM Concrete

Branden Nichols is passionate and smart. He goes out of his way to make the whole experience of developing a mobile app and website an absolute pleasure from start to finish helping us connect with new customers, retail partners and brand ambassadors.

Brian Burgdorf - President, Defiance Fuel Brands

Branden was a pleasure to work with. He was extremely efficient, professional, and we had great communication. The end result was the exactly what we had in mind and needed. I would absolutely use him again or recommend him to a colleague.

Dr. Erin Kirkpatrick - Owner, Berry Hill Animal Hospital

Working with Branden to build and design our mobile application was a game-changer for our business. His expertise and attention to detail resulted in a platform that is incredibly user-friendly, allowing our customers to easily request pick-ups and say goodbye to unwanted items.

Gary Wild - CEO & Owner, Scrappy